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Accelerate Your Subscription Business $500.00 $0.00

Pricing expert Mark Stiving brings his expertise on subscription models to our Pragmatic Learning Network to help product teams improve their subscription businesses and drive growth. Gain clarity and certainty around the right tasks to accelerate growth at your current stage of business.

In this course, students will learn:

  • The three revenue buckets and how they drive prioritization
  • The three levels to pull to create and capture more value
  • Which growth strategies are best based on the life cycle of a product
  • The four ways to grow revenue from a single customer

Course Type: On-demand, self-paced

Course Duration: 3 modules, 17 lessons

System Requirements: Internet access, computer/tablet/laptop

ADA: Please let us know how we can help you fully participate in the course by calling us at +1-480-515-1411 or send us an email.

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