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Why does your product roadmap matter? Your product roadmap is a vital component in shaping market-responsive products. This strategic approach guides product development and ensures alignment with long-term business goals.

This course will help students:

  • Master the art of adapting roadmaps to changing market conditions and business objectives
  • Understand the five essential elements of an effective roadmap and implement them
  • Utilize a distinctive, data-informed method to enhance decision-making efficiency in the roadmapping process
  • Learn to articulate the product vision clearly and align it with roadmap strategies


Product roadmapping is an essential practice in product management, centered around the strategic planning of a product’s development journey. Roadmapping contributes to greater success in the market so don’t miss out on this opportunity and register today.

Course Type: On-demand, self-paced

Course Duration: 7h

System Requirements: Internet access, computer/laptop/tablet

ADA: Please let us know how we can help you fully participate in the course by calling us at +1-480-515-1411 or send us an email.

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